BAEthoven Explosion at Guy Fawkes Yourself III

Hosted by the Ging Gang Hla tllG̲ad independent music cooperative on Nov. 4, the third annual Guy Fawkes Yourself DIY punk show in Queen Charlotte marked the debut of BAEthoven and original sets by four local and one visiting group, The Coastal Drifters.

The Observer captured photos of all but the Dub Jackson Band and Jason Camp & The Posers, who played after the newspaper’s bedtime. Both bands are now recording albums with visiting sound engineers — the first recording project of the Ging Gang Hla tllG̲ad co-op.

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Putting the ‘n back in rock ‘n roll, The Coastal Drifters from Terrace landed at Guy Fawkes Yourself III playing tight garage rock that got the crowd bopping on the upbeat. (Andrew Hudson/Haida Gwaii Observer)

Harmonie Blais warms up the Guy Fawkes crowd with some original songs. (Andrew Hudson/Haida Gwaii Observer)

Over the course of the night, the crowd finished three collage/paintings that will go up at future shows. (Andrew Hudson/Haida Gwaii Observer)

James McGuire, frontman for Jason Camp & The Posers, entertains off-stage by flying across the QC Community Hall on a bouncing horse. A full DIY-punk extravaganza, the night featured homemade carnival games. (Andrew Hudson/Haida Gwaii Observer)

Justin Trudeau gets a mouthful in the homemade mini putt course. (Andrew Hudson/Haida Gwaii Observer)

Ja$e El Nino expounds on Haida history over beats from Tycoon. (Andrew Hudson/Haida Gwaii Observer)

Ja$e El Nino and Tycoon. (Andrew Hudson/Haida Gwaii Observer)

Bexley’s guitar put a few people on the ceiling as she led a breakout performance by BAEthoven. The three-piece wailed on several original tunes before reaching a Nirvana encore. (Andrew Hudson/Haida Gwaii Observer)

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