Students run over dunes and forest trails at Misty Meadows meet

A bright, breezy day made for great running in Tlell at this year’s cross-country meet last week.

Students from schools all over Haida Gwaii ran the Misty Meadows loop on Thursday, May 11, supported by coaches and parent volunteers.

Students Grades 4 and 5 circled the 1 km loop once, while Grade 6s did a double loop, and Grade 7s ran three times through the woods and over the sand dunes.

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Atticus Burton-Adams sprints to the finish of the Misty Meadows loop with friends from Chief Matthews School cheering behind. Students from schools across Haida Gwaii enjoyed a bright, breezy day on May 11 for the cross-country running meet in Tlell.

Rocher runs through the evergreens.

Jadelyn runs out of the woods and eyes the climb into the dunes.

Justin enjoys a downhill stretch after climbing up the steepest part of the course.

Hayden rounds a sandy section.

Simone leaps close behind.

Owen flies downhill along East Beach.

Several students ran the course in pairs — some right to the finish line.

Saachi sprints by a sea of green.

Claire runs the final straightaway.

Camryn puts on the jets.

Alish nears the finish.

Anten zips faster than a dozen storm troopers.

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