Agreement signed on seamount

  • Mon Jun 4th, 2007 3:00pm
  • News

The CHN and the government of Canada have signed an agreement to work together on developing the Bowie Seamount as a marine protected area.
The seamount, also known as Sgaan Kinghlas (Supernatural Being Looking Outward) is a shallow water area about 180 km west of the Charlottes, and is an isolated island of biodiversity in the deep ocean. At it’s base, the seamount is about 55 km long by 24 kilometres wide. It rises to only 25 metres below the surface, in an area where the normal bottom depth is over 3,000 metres.
“Out of sight will no longer mean out of mind,” said CHN president Guujaaw, “Sgaan Kinghlas represents a shift in recognizing the need for respect and care for the Earth. This is a very important guidestone in turning around the trends that have been leading to the depletion of life in the sea.”
The agreement allows the federal government o proceed with formally designating the seamount a marine protected area under the Oceans Act.