Cell phones get local numbers

  • Tue Mar 13th, 2007 6:00pm
  • News

Masset cell phone users don’t have to pay long distance charges to call each other anymore.
Mike McLeod said he used to call the past situation “Telus double billing.” If someone in his family called his cell phone from home, he’d get a bill for the long distance charges and the cell phone air time.
With some of his phone bills ending up in the $400 range, he’s happy the new numbers are finally here.
Telus spokesperson Shawn Hall said the Masset numbers were released on Feb. 13. He said the Sandspit site is being tested as well and numbers will be released there soon too.
As for cell phone service in Queen Charlotte, he said Telus has heard there is demand and is taking that feedback into its planning for next year and beyond.