Coho Derby 3rd weekend results

  • Wed Oct 3rd, 2007 8:00pm
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Submitted by Sandspit Rod & Gun Club–A good weekend it was. Good weather, some nice big coho, a shuffle of names on the leader board and some new ones added. The ladies and juniors are getting into the action with some nice coho in those categories. The highliners are gearing up for the last weekend and the main question is, will it be buzz bombs or bait that catches the big one?Third week results1. Shain Olson 17 lb. 13 oz.2. Chris Diebold 16 063. Alec Matson 14 054. Jasin Wourms 12 095. Jacky Schadt 12 096. Jeremy Botel 12 067. Art Wagenstein 12 048. Les Wourms 12 029. Bill Regier 11 1510. Bob Botel 11 08Top Lady1. Jacky Schadt 12 092. Andrea Schabernak 11 00Juniors1. Hannah Putterill 13 002. Gabby Maurice 12 033. Carter Olson 10 10Weekend Winner Shain OlsonThe Copper Bay Shack continues to be the focal point of interest with fish being weighed, food being served and a contingent of parents and kids fishing from the beach. Ray continues to serve sourdough pancakes Sunday 8 to 11 a.m. and he can always use help in the kitchen. Thanks to those who have volunteered their time to help him out.As this is the last weekend of the Derby be sure and check it out to see who will get the ’07 bragging rights’ and sample some of that good food and community camaraderie. The choices are simple – ‘fish or cut buns’ – and have some fun at the Derby.