Guujaaw acclaimed CHN president

  • Mon Oct 29th, 2007 12:00pm
  • News

Three notable firsts happened when nominations for the CHN executive and 12 regional reps closed Oct 26. It’s the first time a CHN president was in by acclamation. Only one nomination was received, Giindajing Guujaaw. Guujaaw has served eight years as president and this will be his fifth term. “It’s interesting.there’s no contest and that’s the first time that has happened,” said Guujaaw. “The council, we got a lot done together.We are in the middle of a lot of things with the Province.with all these things we’re doing, we don’t have the time to stop.” The CHN is in the final stages of getting a Land Use Plan with the province and is beginning the development of a Marine Use Plan with the federal government. “We are in heavy discussions with the Province right now and we hope to conclude this month,” said Guujaaw. Another first for the upcoming CHN election – there will be mail in ballots. Once an election date is set, the ballots will be mailed to all eligible Haida voters. And the other notable – this is the largest field of candidates ever from Skidegate with 12 people standing for the four seats as Skidegate regional representatives. Seven people were nominated for the four Old Massett seats, four were nominated for the two Rupert seats and three people nominated for the two Vancouver seats. CHN VP Arnie Bellis has one opponent, Bernard Kerrigan of Old Massett. The CHN Regional Electoral Officers will soon announce the date for elections and the location of polling stations.