Haidabucks t-shirts the hottest items in town

  • Wed Jul 23rd, 2003 8:00pm
  • News

Masset’s famous café, Haidabucks, can’t keep its t-shirts in stock because so many people want to help support the company in its battle with Starbucks.
About 1,000 shirts, at $20 each, have been sold – some mailed out to people as far away as England and Texas. Haidabucks began marketing the shirts in mid-May to help pay for the company’s legal fight with Starbucks, which has told the Masset store to drop the Haidabucks name. The t-shirts, which come in black or white, are available both in the store and on the Haidabucks website (haidabuckscafe.com).
“It’s been tremendous. A lot of people have been supportive. People understand the David and Goliath situation. It’s been overwhelming and encouraging,” said Willis Parnell of Haidabucks.
The legal battle is at a standstill right now, Mr. Parnell said. Lawyers for both companies are talking, trying to reach a negotiated settlement. The owners of Haidabucks hope to hear an answer by next week.
Ironically, the whole kafuffle has ended up benefitting Haidabucks.
“It’s helped our business because people have been coming in to check us out,” Mr. Parnell said.