Impressive coho caught in derby’s second weekend

  • Mon Sep 28th, 2009 8:00am
  • News

Submitted by Sandspit Rod & Gun Club-Two weekends down with two weekends to go. It was an excellent weekend for all the fishers: good weather, plenty of coho and the “shack” busy feeding and weighing fish for the fishers and the visitors to Copper Bay.Saturday produced lots of fish for boaters and the shoreline fishers. Some pretty impressive coho were brought in. Sunday promised more of the same, however the fish were reported as being less attached to the hooks. So plenty of action, just not a lot of fish in the nets.As sometimes happens, there is a bigger fish in the junior category (15 years and younger, without a derby ticket) than in the open derby (ticket holders). As there appears to be plenty of fish around, and some reported large ones that got away, there is plenty of opportunity for change on the leader board. With two weekends to go this is where the high liners really start to concentrate on the winning combination. For those on the board there is no rest if staying on the board is important.Ray’s Sunday breakfast was well attended and continues to draw a loyal crowd. The “shack” had a banner weekend and the hamburgers and smokies were all gone by closing Sunday evening. The seniors continue to show up with energy and enthusiasm to help get it done. Volunteers are always welcome, so please sign up.Results1. Bev Collinson 16 lbs 1 oz2. Alex Matson 15 lbs 14 oz3. Gary Hatfield 15 lbs 13 oz4. Behn Cochrane 15 lbs 11 oz5. Chris DieBold 14 lbs 15 oz6. Tyler Zeller 14 lbs 8 oz7. Mel Wourms 13 lbs 7 oz8. Bill Yovanovich 12 lbs 13 oz9. Ken Foote 12 lbs 8 oz10. Dustin Menzies 12 lbs 8 ozTop Lady – Bev Collinson 16 lbs 1 oz.Juniors – Jhett Collinson 16 lbs 8 oz, Matt Servatius 9 lbs 9 oz.Weekend winner – Bev Collinson.53 fish weighed in.