Near-accident frightens Queen Charlotte councillor

  • Mon Aug 13th, 2007 1:00pm
  • News

Councillor Eric Ross recently witnessed a frightening near-accident near Causeway Convenience store in downtown Queen Charlotte, and he brought the matter to council’s attention Monday evening. The problem, according to Mr. Ross, concerns parking at the corner, and he says if nothing changes, he foresees a “very, very serious accident” there.”Because that was so close I am still shaking. I don’t want to see someone get killed on that corner, the councillor said, “I am really concerned about it. It needs to be looked after one way or another.” Councillor Olsen suggested RCMP could check for illegal parking, noting that it’s illegal to park close to a stop sign. “It’s right outside the police office,” he said, (they need to) “just open the blinds.”Mayor Kulesha promised to follow up on the problem. She met with the Ministry of Highways on the problem Friday, and will also get in touch with ICBC.