New ferry making passengers queasy

  • Mon Apr 23rd, 2007 1:00pm
  • News

A couple of islanders who travelled on the Northern Adventure this past weekend say the ship has a particular rolling motion which seems to cause more queasiness and nausea than the Queen of Prince Rupert.
Masset mayor Barry Pages said he returned on the weather-delayed run Monday morning (April 16) and found that the new ship rolled a lot from side-to-side. He also said the cabins were comfortable and the trip was a bit faster than before.
Port Clements councillor Urs Thomas agreed, saying that the Northern Adventure doesn’t seem to handle the waves in Hecate Strait as well as the QPR. He also described a side-to-side wallowing motion rather than the up-and-down forward motion passengers are used to.
The Northern Adventure is supposed to be dedicated to the Rupert-Skidegate route starting in 2009, when a brand-new vessel comes on board to serve the Inside Passage route (the Northern Expedition). But Mr. Thomas said it might make more sense, given the Northern Adventure’s handling of Hecate Strait, to put that ship on the Inside Passage run and put the new ship on our route.