Of cars and candy

  • Wed Oct 31st, 2007 7:00pm
  • News

Owners of derelict vehicles have until Nov. 15 to get their vehicles removed from Queen Charlotte road allowances for free. In a joint project with the Ministry of Highways, the Queen Charlotte RCMP and the Village of Queen Charlotte, the ministry has secured funding to have unlicenced vehicles removed and disposed of. Property owners need to contact the Village of Queen Charlotte at 559-4765 to take advantage of this limited opportunity. After Nov. 15, the Queen Charlotte RCMP will enforce the Provincial Highway Scenic Improvement Act which provides them the authority to tow and dispose of vehicles left within a road allowance and bill the owner for the full expense. In other police news, Masset RCMP Sergeant Jim Vardy reminds parents to check over their children’s Halloween treats. He says to make sure none of the chocolate bars or candies have been pre-opened and to ensure there are no sharp objects or other things inserted into fruit.