Skidegate youth saves self as raft heads for Sandspit

  • Wed Aug 4th, 2004 5:00pm
  • News

A Skidegate youth swam a long and tiring half hour in the waters just off the village, after wind pushed him out to sea on a raft.
13-year old Brendan Jones and a friend were swimming with the raft in front of the village, said his mom Kelly Jones. The friend grew tired and turned back, but Brendan stayed out on the water, then the wind caught the raft and started pushing it towards Sandspit.
People watching from shore thought Brendan was in trouble and called the Coast Guard for help, but Brendan is a strong swimmer said Ms Jones, and managed to get himself and the raft-which belonged to a friend and was worth $300– back to shore.
The Rescue Coordination Centre said the Coast Guard was called out at 3:45 Monday afternoon to assist. However, when they arrived on the scene, he had made it to shore on his own.