Thumbs down as CHN responds to September land offer

  • Wed Jan 7th, 2004 10:00am
  • News

The Council of the Haida Nation has written to BC Attorney General Geoff Plant, formally turning thumbs down on the offer of 20-percent of the islands the province made back in September.
The letter, from CHN President Guujaaw, which was sent December 18, reads as follows;
“Regarding your interview in the Queen Charlotte Islands Observer please be advised that the Haida Nation received your very public and unsolicited ‘offer’ of September 3, 2003.
The next day the Council of the Haida Nation, just as publicly, dismissed that offer, which was not deemed to be a legitimate ‘treaty offer’, nor a considerable solution. Through public comments made by yourself, we were of the understanding that you had received our answer.
You had suggested that this action on your part might bring the Haida back to the negotiation table. We remind you, that it was the BC Government who walked away from the table. And yet, we remain open to any discussions, which might lead to solutions to the Title dispute, or to reconciliation of titles, but are not interested in doing business through the media. We also state that in the future, we are not interested in responding to ‘offers’, which undermine the very principle of fair negotiation.
If you want to talk to us, or negotiate, or have any issues or concerns give us a phone call, send a fax or a note, or send someone up and your interests will be addressed to the best of our abilities. Thank you for your attention.”
It is signed by, Guujaaw, President of the Haida Nation.