Tracking the ferries feature soon available

  • Mon Jul 16th, 2007 10:00am
  • News

By the end of the summer, islanders with access to high-speed internet will be able to track the travels of the Queen of Prince Rupert and the Northern Adventure in live time, says BC Ferries spokesperson Deborah Marshall. The GPS technology that allows people to check out where ferries are over the internet is already in place on the southern routes, and it’s coming soon to the northern routes, Ms Marshall said. “We’re just finalizing the infrastructure,” she said. “It will be great for everybody up north.” North Coast MLA Gary Coons, who is the NDP’s critic for ferries, told us that he has seen a version of the vessel tracking for northern routes. We checked it out at on Monday afternoon and it was amazing, clearly showing the location of all three northern route vessels, their speed, and their destination, in live time, refreshed every minute.