US Consul-General arrives Thursday

  • Mon Sep 22nd, 2003 5:00pm
  • News

The Consul-General of the United States is looking forward to visiting the islands, but his staff is concerned about weather problems following last week’s storm.
Luis Arreaga, who represents the US government in BC and the Yukon, flies in from Rupert on Thursday, and will spend a couple of days on the islands. He plans to meet members of the Council of the Haida Nation as well as municipal and business leaders while here, and also tour the Weyerhaeuser logging operation.
He’ll be spending time in Prince George and Prince Rupert on this tour as well.
A spokesman for his office told the Observer that Dr. Arreaga is extremely excited, and considers the tour a big highlight of his year.
Dr. Arreaga wants to hear first-hand about issues on the islands, and is willing to discuss US-Canadian policy with islanders.
He was appointed to the Vancouver position a year ago, and has two more years to serve. It will be his first visit to the islands.