Chris Williams

The Drive Home: Hungry hiker calls for better burger access on Cape Fife trail

I missed my wife, but somehow in the end I was pretty sure I knew why I was sleeping outside… if not totally sure.

The Drive Home: Spring squeals of the milkshake snarflers

Kids are really cute and you get in trouble if you can a couple because you mistook them for tuna.

The Drive Home: Journeying to the land of sand and spit!

I kissed my wife goodbye, aware that I might not ever see her again, and made my way across the inlet...

  • Apr 7, 2017

Will and Kate: New islands residents?

There are some international hurdles to clear first and a new landing strip may have to be built to accommodate the Royal carrier...

The Drive Home: Airplane scythes — now that’s an idea, hay?

It’s a weird conclusion I agree, but then, science doesn’t lie.

The Drive Home: Hugging trees is rough and sometimes sticky

I picked a handful of deer droppings and salal and offered it to the tree as a token of my affection, but its attention was elsewhere...

The Drive Home: Bobbing for surf and fishing for tourists

Chris Williams offers a helpful list of Haida Gwaii pastimes.

A misanthrope’s guide to making friends on Haida Gwaii

Since I started writing this column, we have lost most of our friends.

Stretching yoga boundaries on Haida Gwaii

As most of my close friends know, I currently hold a 7th-degree black belt in full-contact yoga.

My life as a morning zombie

Waking up mid-winter isn't always easy on Haida Gwaii.

Apple Fest features frothy fountains of fruity flavours

A healthy crowd showed up at Mable’s Gardens Farm in Tlell this Thanksgiving for the first-ever Tlell Apple Fest.

Defending GKN volleyball champs heading to Hazelton

The GKN girls volleyball team is pounding the pavement and the court this week as they run a fundraiser for tournament travel.

Brady soccer tourney finishes in thrilling final

Fifty-one soccer players from across the islands battled wet conditions in Tlell in the first ever Brady Soccer Tournament.