Janet Rigg

Tlellegraph: Neighbours saved a safe haven at Richardson Ranch

In a close community like Tlell, we are all affected when disaster occurs.

Tlellegraph: The psychology of Soccer Saturday

Little people in various states of disarray are gathered into like colours and unleashed on the field.

Tlellegraph: Ch-ch-changes — turn and face the spring

Zombies are amassing in Rupert and threatening to come over on the next ferry.

  • Mar 23, 2017

Tlellegraph: It’s time for a change in school busing

The cost to run buses for SD50 is over $500,000 now, which is a lot of money that could be used for school programming.

Tlellegraph: Little Tlellians, big cities

There is something special about kids raised on Haida Gwaii — their hearts are open and their minds are so curious.

Tlellegraph: An islands assignment in the Dominican Republic

The parallels and differences between the two island cultures and the similar stories of of colonialism are certainly worth sharing.

Tlell firefighters to the rescue

It’s a vital service we all rely on to save our homes, put out overly-enthusiastic smokehouses and smouldering beach fires...

A short, 73-million year history of Tlell

What was the old Tlell? I asked around. But no one was talking.

Have SAD? Try these blues-beating tips

More sun, time outside, a SAD lamp, and noon-hour walks are just a few ideas for beating the winter blues. There is even a Tlellian cure.