Leslie Johnson is running for mayor in Daajing Giids. The municipal election is Oct. 15, 2022. (Photo: submitted)

Leslie Johnson is running for mayor in Daajing Giids. The municipal election is Oct. 15, 2022. (Photo: submitted)

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For Daajing Giids mayor

Candidates running in municipal elections on Haida Gwaii are invited to submit a biography to be published on the Haida Gwaii Observer website. The deadline to submit a biography is Oct. 12 at 12 p.m. If you are a candidate, please send a 300 to 400 word written biography and a photo to newsroom@haidagwaiiobserver.com.

My name is Leslie Johnson, and I am running for election as your next mayor of Daajing Giids.

I want to keep things simple and focus on the basics of governance and village services.

Working with a team of people—councillors, staff, and residents—we can address the issues that matter to us. My experience is in building consensus for action among diverse people and opinions, working for the common good. That is the approach I want to take as mayor, striving for consensus within the structure of majority voting. That involves facilitating discussion to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to speak and be heard, and finding ways to incorporate new ideas for creative solutions.

Issues that matter to me are sewage treatment, transportation (roads, pedestrian paths, bike routes, accessibility, parking, etc.), and the review of basic governance tools such as the Official Community Plan, zoning bylaws, and other important bylaws to ensure that they work for the community. The new council needs to review the Strategic Plan and prioritize which issues we wish to tackle as a council over the next four years.

Relationships matter. We have a Protocol Agreement with the Council of the Haida Nation that recognizes Haida title. Having a seat at the Islands Protocol Table gives us an opportunity to address common issues such as BC Ferries, ambulance services, renewable energy. And having a strong relationship with our neighbouring community of Skidegate is also critical. As always, we are stronger together.

Shop local is my motto. I’ve always used my pocketbook to demonstrate my support for local business. I also believe a strong non-profit sector augments the delivery of basic village services and is essential to a vibrant, inclusive community. The village can’t do it all on its own, but together we can accomplish a lot.

I have been described as a grounded, level-headed, open-hearted individual. A person who stands up for her convictions. A person who is willing to listen and learn. I try to come from a place of respect and integrity, and value fairness and transparency in dealings. I can be pragmatic and can make difficult decisions when needed. I was on council from 2008-2014. I love our community and have engaged in making it a better place to live. I ask for your support to continue that work as your mayor.

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