Letter: Sewage treatment site has potential


I’m writing as a village taxpayer who is living in absentia for the time being.

The purchase of the land proposed for the required sewage treatment plant seems to be a “no-brainer.”

Once it is purchased there will, apparently, be grant money available to assess the true costs and feasibility of the plant.

Even if, at that point, it is decided that the proposed location is not suitable for the plant, the subdivision of the land would provide long-term returns to offset the cost of it.

A quick look at the map from the Observer article of Nov. 24, “Questions swirl around Q.C. sewage plans,” indicates that up to 14 new building lots could be available for sale, not including the foreshore parcels (which likely would be buildable once serviced for water and sewerage) and the “existing subdivision,” the former home of Gloria and Walter, which is itself a very desirable property.

I would personally consider investing and building upon one of these lots if and when they are offered for sale.

Given that it is both morally and legally required that we join the other communities in treating our sewage before it is dumped into our waters, I believe that this project provides a very good long term potential for investment and offsetting income from sales and property taxes for the village.

In the short term, I’m told by someone close to the village administration, that the estimated tax increase would likely be in the range of $20 a year for every $100,000 of assessed value. The alternatives (piping to Skidegate, paying fines for choosing not to treat, etc), might be considerably more and not offer the opportunity to recoup that the new development would provide.

I shall be voting for this proposal.

Peter Lake

(for now) Duncan, BC

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