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Simple, Practical, Classic and Sometimes Sophisticated

David Hooper, Owner, Resource Furniture BC Professional Stuntman/Gymnastics Coach

- Words and photography by Lia Crowe

“Resilience,” is the answer David gives when asked what quality has led to his success.

David grew up doing gymnastics and then became an actor.

“I landed a role in the film Rumble in the Bronx, where I met a bunch of stuntmen, and Jackie Chan gave me my first stunt. I started getting stunt work from that point on.”

Around 2010, when the Canadian dollar reached par with the US dollar, and film production in Vancouver dried up, David got involved with Resource Furniture.

As David tours me around the showroom, he demonstrates how the furniture pieces transform: a coffee table that becomes a dining room table for eight people or a wall organizer that morphs into a bed.

David tells me, “Now that the film industry in Vancouver has recovered, I do both this and stunt work, as well as continue to coach gymnastics. I have been coaching for almost 40 years.”

Asked what he loves most about his work, he says, “I love the energy and enthusiasm of my gymnastics students, I love working with my business colleagues and I always love working with old friends on set.”

Asked to describe his personal style, David says, “I would like to think it’s simple, practical, classic and sometimes sophisticated.”


Uniform: Black jeans and a “shacket.” I’m in the showroom, at the warehouse, out installing, at the gym and on set! I need versatility.

Favourite denim, brand and cut: Levi’s 511.

Current go-to clothing item: Strellson field jacket.

Currently coveting: New boots.

Favourite pair of shoes: Found some nice Tiger Onitsuka shoes in Milan.

Best new purchase: Bomboogie leather jacket that I found in Lake Como. I had been looking for a leather jacket like this for some time.

Favourite day-bag: Italian leather day bag, purchased at Lake Como.

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban polarized aviator.

Scent: Natural.

Necessary indulgence: Lots of great restaurant dinners.

Favourite skincare product: Soap and water.

Favourite hair product: göt2b styling cream.

Style Inspirations & Life

Style icon: Lenny Kravitz.

Favourite artist: Leonardo da Vinci.

Piece of art: An oil painting that was a collaboration by two best friends and myself in 1990. I had it framed with a nice big gold frame.

Favourite fashion designer or brand: Liking Strellson stuff right now; I have a number of jackets from them that I love.

Favourite musician: Roland Orzabal.

Era of time that inspires your style: I aim for timeless style.

Film or TV show that inspires your style or that you just love the style of: James Bond.

Favourite local restaurant: West Oak.

Favourite cocktail or wine: I like to try all different kinds of wine.

Album on current rotation: The Tipping Point, by Tears for Fears

Favourite city to visit: Milan.

Favourite app: Shazam.

Favourite place in the whole world: Vancouver/home.

Reading Material

What do you read online for style: I watch style vlogs.

Fave print magazine: Dwell.

Fave style blog: He Spoke Style.

Last great read: And No Birds Sang by Farley Mowat.

Book currently reading: Visionary by Graham Hancock.

Favourite book of all time: Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge.

Story courtesy of Boulevard Magazine, a Black Press Media publication
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