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BC Timber Sales Proposed Timber Sale Licence Auctions for Haida Gwaii

BC Timber Sales (BCTS) is proposing to auction two Timber Sale Licences (TSL) on Haida Gwaii: TSL A94555, Block NAI502 (Naikoon) and TSL A86068, Block LAW722 (Lawn Hill).

Both TSLs are part of the Haida Gwaii Land Use Objectives Order and BCTS Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP) compliant.

BCTS’ Haida Gwaii FSP, maps and additional information on the two proposed TSLs can be viewed on the government of British Columbia’s website via the link below.

This data is being made available for review to the general public. All information and feedback received will be considered in the development of the harvest areas.

Written comments or inquires can be submitted to BCTS Operations Technologist, Anicette Labonté, by 4 p.m. on March 7, 2021, by email at Anicette.Labonte@gov.bc.ca, by telephone at 250 559-6423 or by mail at 1229 Oceanview Drive, Queen Charlotte, B.C., V0T 1S0.