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LEGAL NOTICE: Invitation to bid

BC Timber Sales (BCTS), Naikoon, Haida Gwaii Licence No. A94555

BCTS is now accepting sealed tenders for a timber licence on Haida Gwaii.

Location: Naikoon, Haida Gwaii

Estimated Volume: 18,894m3

Species: Cedar 8,604m³(46%), Hemlock 4,358m³(23%), Lodgepole pine 3,088m³(16%), Spruce 100m³(1%), Yellow Cedar 2,744m3(15%), more or less.

Upset Stumpage Rate: $816,976.56

Tenders will be received by BCTS no later than 11:15 a.m. on July 23, 2021, at which time all tenders will be opened in private.

For full details, refer to the BC Bid website at http://bcbid.gov.bc.ca

All related questions must be submitted in writing to: Anicette.Labonte@gov.bc.ca

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