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Village of Masset: Notice of Tax Sale Surplus

The Village of Masset gives notice that it holds the unclaimed surplus from the tax sale of the following property:

Civic Address Legal Description

2007 Fir Crescent, Masset BC PID: 024-082-961, District Lot 7,

Plan PRP42155, QC District

The surplus became payable on October 01, 2020 when the property went unredeemed following its tax sale on September 30, 2019. The amount of the surplus is $1,381.04.

The registered owners of the property on the date of the tax sale to whom the surplus is payable are:

  1. Michael Schweiger
  2. Erich Wittman
  3. Christopher Reiter
  4. Harold White

To advise the Village of Masset of your claim to the surplus please write:

Village of Masset

c/o Jo-Ann Brown, Tax Collector

PO Box 68

Masset, BC

V0T 1M0

If the surplus remains unclaimed after 3 months of the first publication of this notice, the surplus will be transferred to the BC Unclaimed Property Society.