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In their own words: Jim LeMottee

For Daajing Giids councillor
Jim LaMottee is running for councillor in Daajing Giids. The municipal election is Oct. 15, 2022. (Photo: submitted)

Candidates running in municipal elections on Haida Gwaii are invited to submit a biography to be published on the Haida Gwaii Observer website. The deadline to submit a biography is Oct. 12 at 12 p.m. If you are a candidate, please send a 300 to 400 word written biography and a photo to

I’m asking for your vote as town councillor of Daajing Giids. I see a definite need for unity in this community. As times are changing, I have become aware of a disconnect people have with local government. I would like to help in being a part of the realignment of government with the people.

I am curious, respectful and a listener, at a time it is needed most to find out what is important for the citizens of Daajing Giids.

We rely on a small residential tax base and the taxes of small businesses. Unfortunately we do not have an industrial tax base and so our needs will have to be served in the most simple and practical ways.

There are grants available to assist our village and Haida Gwaii with capital needs but it is our responsibility to service operating costs.

For this reason, we need to find simple and effective ways to meet the basic responsibility of the village to maintain infrastructure and provide the services that keep us safe. My priority is bringing your voice to the council table. I want to represent and be accountable to

your vote and the future of Daajing Giids.

Some key priories for me include improving and increasing infrastructure, an area of expertise of mine, to attract and sustain local and incoming families. Property development is also a key part of this which includes working with the government and

Council of Haida Nation to grow sustainably. This infrastructure would also be important for supporting tourism and the economy of our town. I would also like to bring forward a transit system for the whole island as I believe this would increase accessibility for residents.