12-week old puppy back at home

  • Nov. 23, 2007 3:00 p.m.

A fuzzy black-and-brown puppy named Triton has been reunited with his family after spending almost two weeks lost in the wilderness outside Port Clements. Port resident Debbie Delves found Triton on Friday (Nov. 16), 13 days after the little rottweiler/border collie/lab cross had gone missing while out driving with owner Clint Beachy on the logging roads. Volunteers spent hours scouring the forest for the pup, who was only 10 weeks old when he disappeared. Searchers were almost ready to give up when Mr. Beachy and partner Erin Ryland received a phone call Nov. 14 from someone who had spotted Triton, Ms Delves said. That sighting revived the search. Ms Ryland and others spent hours looking for the puppy the next day, with no success. On Friday, Ms Delves decided to head out with her two-year-old grandson, Kao. She brought puppy chow with her, thinking she would at least leave a dish of food in the area where Triton had last been seen, the Flo logging road. “It was snowing like crazy,” she said. “Then, I saw this little black head pop out of the ditch.” At first, she thought it was a raccoon and was about to move on, because she didn’t want to leave the food where a raccoon would get it. But then she heard the jingling of Triton’s choke chain. She quietly crept towards the ditch, shaking the food dish – and the very hungry puppy leapt towards her, knocking the dish right out of her hand in his excitement. “He was definitely skinny, but he was fine,” she said. “I was just in the right place at the right time.” Ms Delves, an experienced dog owner, said she has no idea how the puppy managed to survive in the woods for so long.