$2.5 million in improvements for the Kwuna

  • Jan. 27, 2010 12:00 p.m.

by Alex Rawlings–It was a blustery day, the winds kicked up to 30 knots an hour, and the seas rolled. It didn’t matter though; the new and improved Kwuna is back. On a day when the barge would have been docked until calmer weather, the Kwuna sailed on as though it were nothing.Sporting $2.5 million in improvements such as a new paint, a new depth sounder and a new sewage system, the Kwuna’s Captain Richard Chisholm said it felt good to be back to work after a three month hiatus.”It was a long three months but everyone is glad to be back to work,” said Mr. Chisholm “and the Kwuna is running well.”The refit, scheduled to be completed by December 8 was significantly extended past the completion date because additional work had to be done which Mr. Chisholm said is typical when a ship goes for refit.”That’s usually how it is, the additional work had to be done in accordance with Transport Canada’s guidelines, it takes a long time to do some of the upgrades,” he said. Some of the major improvements include the replacement of the right-angle propulsion units and applying the new no-slip paint to the ship’s decking that had to be rolled on gallon by gallon. Regardless, she is back and commuters can look forward to regular sailing times and fewer delays.