2007 Coho Derby Results

  • Oct. 8, 2007 8:00 a.m.

submitted article–Another great Coho Derby is now finished with only the awards and “bragging rights” to be presented on Nov. 17. This Derby had good weather, as the storms managed to miss Copper Bay on the weekends. Lots of competitors in all categories, plenty of fish to keep the leader board constantly changing and Shain had to endure the last weekend to see if his big fish would hold onto the top spot.The shoreline fishers had success and added to the excitement, way to go Tyler and Cavanaugh.2007 Final Standings1. Shain Olson 17 lb. 13oz.2. Chris Diebold 16 063. Tyler Zeller 14 084. Alec Matson 14 055. Art Wagenstein 13 116. Cavanaugh Alton 13 037. Jasin Wourms 12 098. Jacky Schadt 12 099. Jeremy Botel 12 0610. Bert Salanski 12 04Top Lady1. Jacky Schadt 12 092. Andrea Schabernak 11 00Juniors1. Hannah Putterill 13 002. Gabby Maurice 12 033. Carter Olson 10 104th Weekend WinnerTyler Zeller 14 08139 fish weighed in during DerbyThis Derby couldn’t succeed without the help of many volunteers. It’s a great community event and is the highlight of the year for many island residents and visitors. Knowing that a name or two would be missed if we tried to name all those who helped, here’s a big thank you for your contribution.Copper Bay is the hub of the Derby and Chef-Weigh Master Ray K kept it going with style and taste. Especially tasty were the Sourdough pancakes and most of us are wondering if we can wait till next year. This was Gerry’s ‘Last Chance Derby’ and yes he can still talk with a mouthful of sourdough.Missing this year from the top ten board and from our communities are Ken (Joe Joe) Anderson and Andy Rosang. Hope you guys are still fishing for the big ones!!The Derby Awards Dinner will be Nov. 17 where the prizes and ‘2007 bragging rights’ will be presented. Thanks to all the organizers, participants, volunteers, and contributors to this year’s Derby. See you at the Derby Dinner and Dance.