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Accused Kitimat car thief busted for impaired driving

Breath samples clocked the 32-year-old woman’s blood alcohol level at twice the legal limit

On Monday, Nov. 28 at around 2:30 p.m. police say a Terrace BC Highway Patrol member spotted a suspected Kitimat car thief driving westbound in an erratic manner along Highway 16 near Kasiks River, east of Terrace.

BC Highway patrol Terrace had a description and license plate of the vehicle following an RCMP report of it having been stolen from the Kitimat area.

During the traffic stop the driver, a 32 year old woman, was arrested for impaired driving and taking the vehicle without consent. Breath samples clocked the driver’s blood alcohol level at twice the legal limit.

The accused was released from police custody and criminal charges will be forwarded to BC Prosecution Services.

Impaired Driving remains one of the top causes of criminal death in British Columbia. As the holiday season approaches, poilice are reminding the public to plan a safe ride home.

“By finding an alternative way home such as transit, cabs, or a designated driver you can help ensure that you, and people sharing the road with you, get to their destination safely,” said Sgt. Shawn McLaughlin of BCHP Terrace.


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