Adventure camp combined learning with fun

  • Jul. 5, 2013 8:00 p.m.

submitted by Mount Moresby Adventure Camp–Thanks to adventurous grade 9s and courageous grade 5s, a lot of fun and learning occurred during the Forest Stewardship program this spring. Forty-two grade 9s challenged themselves to learn more about surviving and thriving in the outdoors. The GMD crew were willing to try anything, caught lots of yummy trout, and learned new skills in orienteering, paddling, tying knots, setting tarps, and bow-drill fire-making. The QCSS students came together as a group to plan and venture out on an overnight trip down Mosquito Lake where some went paddling and fishing, others made bannock over the fire, and others went further to the mountains of Bolivia. For the first time, the grade 5s from all over the island came together to camp. It was amazing to witness their courage as they made new friends and adapted to a new environment away from home. They climbed up trees and faced down some fears, set bug and slug traps, paddled all day, somehow avoided serious injury during Predator & Prey, swam and played and swam and played, planted trees and learned about animal habitats, cooked vegetables in a pit oven for an incredible dinner, found their way through the woods, and harvested, prepared, and wove red cedar. The lake was calm and warm, the gulls guarded their nests from some interested eagles, a bear came to the sweet scent of a bug trap, birdsong started early, and thunder and lightning passed over. Yet, all of it would be less if it weren’t for our amazing youth. Howa’a for your energy and insipring spirits! We are looking forward to the grade 11s in the fall!