Agreement maintains assessed value for ferry terminals

  • Mar. 8, 2013 3:00 p.m.

Queen Charlotte is among the municipalities welcoming a decision from BC Assessment and BC Ferry Services Inc. about how BC Ferries terminals will be valued for tax purposes. BC Assessment and BC Ferries reached the agreement after a recent appeal board decision that gave the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal a value of $20, severely reducing the amount of property tax to be paid. Under the new agreement, the total assessed value of the Horseshoe Bay terminal for 2013 will be $47 million. The agreement also applies to all of BC Ferries’ other terminal properties. Debra Uliana, chief financial officer for the village of Queen Charlotte, said the ferry terminal at Skidegate Landing has been assessed at $509,800 for 2013, slightly more than the 2012 assessment. Ms Uliana said if the terminal had been assigned a much lower value, taxpayers in Queen Charlotte would likely have seen their property taxes go up. The ferry terminal provides a substantial amount of property tax to the village, and if that amount were reduced it would have to be made up somehow.