Airline set to start Sunday

  • Nov. 25, 2002 11:00 a.m.

Canadian Western Airlines is looking forward to its first flight to the Charlottes, scheduled for this Sunday (Dec. 1). However, CWA chief executive Mohamed Doma told the Observer Monday that there is a slight chance the plane won’t get off the ground, due to job action by Transport Canada civil aviation inspectors.
“I’m living on pins and needles down here,” Mr. Doma said. “We’re at their mercy right now in terms of the labour dispute.”
The plane, which will be flying between Vancouver and the Charlottes, comes from Missouri and has been completely refurbished with a brand new interior, Mr. Doma said. All it needs now is an inspection, but the civil aviation inspectors are refusing to work overtime without special union approval, Mr. Doma explained.
Meanwhile, CWA has six people working in Masset and Sandspit, and the volume of reservations is higher than expected.
“We’ve been pleasantly surprised,” Mr. Doma said. “This kind of community support is what’s going to keep the service in place.”
The daily flight leaves Vancouver at 8:30 am and lands in Sandspit around 10 am. After half an hour on the ground, it makes a 15 minute flight to Masset, then returns to Vancouver.
Mr. Doma said CWA would like to add a second daily flight for the summer season.
“We’re going to service the Queen Charlottes like they’ve never been serviced before,” he said.