Alcohol-related incidents absorb police time

  • Jun. 22, 2009 6:00 a.m.

Queen Charlotte RCMP responded to 20 calls for service over the past week, says Sgt. Rob Knapton. Incidents included:. Police arrested an adult male Saturday night on Second Street in Queen Charlotte for being intoxicated in public. He was held in the cells until he was sober. “It looks like he may have been in a fight,” Sgt. Knapton added.. Police arrested another adult male for being intoxicated in public the same night, this time on Oceanview Drive.. On Saturday afternoon, police came across a couple of people drinking beer outside the community hall during the Hospital Day events. The beer was seized and dumped, Sgt. Knapton said.. On Friday night, police responded to a report of an impaired driver in Sandspit. They located the driver and brought him to the police station in Queen Charlotte for a breathalyzer. The person will be appearing in court for refusing to provide a breath sample, Sgt. Knapton said.. Also on Friday night, police officers mediated a peaceful resolution to a dispute in Sandspit which had involved someone driving on the beach in a reckless manner, and a vehicle window being broken.