All-Island Relay was great

  • May. 5, 2008 6:00 a.m.

Submitted article–For the past couple of weeks active teens Alissa MacMullin, Kristina Russ, and Sara Duthiel with the teen co-coordinator from the Queen Charlotte Teen Centre have been organizing an All-Island Relay to unite Island teensThe Relay started April 25 at the Sandspit Airport on a sunny afternoon with the teens being shuttled over on the Skidegate seniors’ bus and BC Ferries.Sandspit to Queen Charlotte Runners:Steve Botel (Sandspit)Alissa MacMullin (QC)Alan Moore (QC)Ewald Arndt(QC)Garrett Russ (Skidegate)James Mills (QC)Morgan Boyd (Robertson Island)Mike Gravelle (QC)Simon Lemaire (QC)Sara Dutheil (Tlell)The Relay team pulled into the Queen Charlotte Teen Centre a little after 5pm to a spaghetti dinner prepared by Donnette Farrell, Jo-Anne McMullan, Judy Puls, and Lea Olsen.A Teen Dance was held that evening at the Skidegate Community Hall with the support of QCSS Student Council and Skidegate Band Councillors Jamie Cowpar, Remi Levesque, and Rose Russ. Local DJs James Paquet and Kenny Waters rocked the small hall. Tiffany Lavoie chaperoned a bus full of kids from Masset so kids from all over the island could enjoy a night together.Saturday April 26 saw the Relay Team head out from the Queen Charlotte Teen Centre. The team battled winds gusting to 91km/h, our roller bladers soared up the coast complemented by a determined group of runners. Lunch was enjoyed at The Rising Tide Bakery in Tlell. Mmmmm, Cinnamon Buns!Crossing the Tlell River and on to the Port stretch with a sense of purpose, the team was confident as the day’s target was about to be reached. Together the kids ran through the streets of Port to the Community Hall Queen Charlotte To Port Runners:Breanna Pearson (Skidegate)Cheynna Moraes (Skidegate)Dazz Wesley (Skidegate) Desi Collinson (Skidegate)Doreal Piercey (Skidegate)Ewald Arndt (QC)Garrett Russ (Skidegate)Kyle Shannon (Skidegate)Shawn Marrs (Port Clements)Wenonah Kettunen (Skidegate)The night of April 26th saw Kristina Russ and Sara Dutheil with moms Dena Russ and Tracy Dorington had food for the runners at the Teen Dance organized in the Port Community Hall.Skidegate Band Councillor James Cowpar brought DJs Kenny and James up so they could continue the all island party for another night. Renee Marks from the Old Massett Village Council chaperoned a bus from Masset and talked with north end kids to see if they wanted to participate and truly make this an all-island relay.Sunday April 27 saw the group head off from the Port, with three new runners from Masset, and Old Massett dropped off by Renee Marks from the Old Massett Village Council. Plus two more kids from Skidegate. With more kids it meant that more than one runner or blader could cut down those last few kilometres together. Different groups of kids poured out from the bus as Old Massett drew closer.Runners joined together as they ran through Masset and Old Massett where they completed the All-Island Relay by the totem pole in front of the church.Port to Old Masset RunnersAaron Edgars (Masset)Adolfus Jones (Masset)Breann Pearson (Skidegate) Daniel Helmer (Skidegate)Cheynna Moraes (Skidegate)Doreeal Piercey (Skidegate)Danika Pollard (Skidedate)Dazz Wesley (Skidegate)Garrette Russ (Skidegate)Mike Gravelle (QC)Nico York (Masset)Shawn Marrs (Port)Wenonah Kettunen (Skidegate)Big thanks and Howaas to Matty Davidson and Rod Pineault for driving the shuttle from one end of the road to the other very slowly with many loud and excited kids. The Skidegate Health Centre for donating the shuttle, this was the key. Eagle Transit and Henry’s Bus Service for safely transporting the kids to and from the dances. The QC Teen Centre Society would also like to recognize Steve Collinson Gerry Whittle, and Mara Levesque for their support at the dances and the people who clean the community halls after we are out.