All Native off to a great start

  • Feb. 7, 2005 12:00 p.m.

Submitted by Roberta Aiken, Observer All-Native Tournament reporter-There were two games up on Monday, up until supper time.
First, the Masset Intermediates were up against the Bella Bella Wolfpack. Wow! This game was dominated by Masset right up until half time.
Going into the break, the Masset squad was leading with a 22-point spread. But coming into the second half the Wolfpack had a running game which the Masset boys could not keep up to, causing a come back for Bella Bella. The game was a true barn-burner. The time was closing in, the Masset boys were managing to keep a balance and some times a small jump on the score board, but it was just not enough. The Wolfpack was gaining more on the boards with their free throws and hitting shots from out side. This game was a tie-up at 95, all up until the last 4 seconds. Then, a major set back for Masset with possesion, misjudged a pass which turned the ball into Bella Bella possesion and as the Wolfpack set up to pass and play the shot was made in bare time of the timer, shot in the air as buzzer goes off then swish—the clenching 2 points gained for the Bella Bella Wolfpack. Great game! Masset intermediates now moving into the losers bracket and will play Tuesday 6 pm against Kispiox.

Masset women defeated

The last game of this morning saw the Masset Womens team up against the Kitkatla. A good first half for the team, but in the second half the Kitkatla women played their shots from outside and hit major on the score board. Leanne Reese tried her best with Gale Bedard and Brandy Hill but these women from Kitkatla were flawless. Leanne told me she felt maybe some personal pressure, but assured me it’s gone now and it will take more than that to beat them in their next game. She also said they’re a good team and there’s no way they’ll go out in 2 straight losses. So there you go, bring on the Ahousat women for this Masset team and guaranteed the ladies will be solid on defense and offense.
The Masset Women play next on Tuesday at 8:30 pm against Ahousat in the losers bracket.

Sunday, it was Masset Masters 79 vs Gitwinkshilkw 67 final score, and Hydaburg Masters 136 vs Lax Kwalaams 56

More results posted here was we receive them! Keep checking.