Alliford Bay fuel spill interrupts ferry service

  • Oct. 26, 2005 10:00 a.m.

A gasoline spill at the Alliford Bay ferry ramp caused BC Ferries to suspend service from Skidegate Landing for three hours Wednesday morning.
The barge stopped at 8 am after the crew noticed two overturned gas cans on the beach near the Alliford Bay ferry ramp, according to BC Ferry Services Inc. They also could smell a strong odour of fuel before they arrived at the ramp.
“It was thought that gas could be escaping from the canisters,” BC Ferries said. Both the fire department and RCMP were called. It’s believed that two 45-gallon drums were involved, at least one half-full of helicopter fuel.
Clean up of the spill was finished by 10:45 am, and the barge got back on schedule at 11 am.
Ferries expects there will be no further disruption caused by the spill.