Ambulance may never have been called

  • Sep. 18, 2013 12:00 p.m.

An ambulance may never have been called for the Skidegate woman rumoured to have been transported to hospital by her family in August.In the August 29 Observer, we reported on complaints about the ambulance service by Queen Charlotte local doctor Andrea Wilhem. An example of her concern was an elder who had to be transported to hospital on a table by her family in August while the Queen Charlotte/Skidegate ambulance was not online due to a staffing shortage.Normally, that call would have been handled by one of the other ambulances on the islands, but according to Kelsie Carwithen, a representative from BC Ambulance, it appears that a 911 call was never received by the BC Ambulance Service. Calls to the 1-800 ambulance phone number are answered by the Public Safety Answering Point(PSAP) which receives emergency calls and routes them to the appropriate service. In this case, neither the PSAP, nor the BC Ambulance Service has a record of a call from Skidegate around the date of the incident and BCAS has not received a complaint about the incident, said Ms Carwithen. The message from all this is if you’re in an emergency situation, call the ambulance service, she said. “If you require an ambulance, we’ll get one to you, even if it comes from another community.”