Anderson still on top of derby heap

  • Oct. 2, 2006 2:00 p.m.

Submitted by Sandspit Rod and Gun–Wow! What a weekend, good weather, good fishing and a good turnout on the water and at the Copper Bay shack. The fishing provided some big fish and new names on the board. The leaders are looking over their shoulders as the big fish keep coming in. Sourdough pancakes by Ray brought out a big group on Sunday and he ran out of ingredients to get them all fed. Eddy (the dog) got four and wanted more but that was all the mistakes.

1. Ken Anderson, 17#09
2. Verna Hunter, 17#05
3. Art Wagenstein, 17#03
4. Jeremy Botel, 16#05
5. Ray Wagstaff, 15#13
6. Alex Matson,15#09
7. Daryl Wourms,15#08
8. Bert Salanski,15#07
9. Chris Diebold, 15#03
10. Tyler Zeller,14#11

Top Lady- Verna Hunter,17#05

Jr’s- Christine Salanski, 14#11
Carter Olson, 12#00

Weekend Winner – Verna Hunter 17#05

52 fish weighed in, derby total 128
The highliners are gearing up for the last weekend and the Derby bragging rights. The question – Is It Big Enough? Ray and his cadre of helpers (all volunteers) will be at Copper Bay to provide the sustenance and gear to keep everyone satisfied. Come out, check the leader board to see who will be the 2006 Derby winner.