Annual All Native qualifying tournament

  • Dec. 1, 2005 7:00 a.m.

submitted by Roberta Aiken–The action was great at this November’s qualifying tournament. Due to the weather conditions I was not able to attend. However that did not stop me from keeping tabs on the games.
With a team of young blood, the Masset Haida Spirits were unfortunately put out after their second game. This team carries a lot of potential and will be a force to watch in the coming years.
The Skidegate Senior squad, starting this tournament with only 6 players, faced the Kispiox guys and the numbers on the bench did not stop these guys from putting Kispiox in the lower bracket. Putting them up next to the team from Bella Coola — they say this game was a total barn burner and when talking to Conrad Lewis he was sure to make mention of Danny Trembley and Desi Collinson’s young legs both being a total asset towards Skidegate’s second win.
The next team Skidegate faced was Greenville and yet another nail biter with Greenville fighting hard only to move down into the lower bracket with their first loss — meaning Skidegate won by only one point, which moved them into the final game Saturday night.
After such a close loss for Greenville, I was convinced that we’d more than likely see that team fighting hard to come back and meet the Skidegate team in the finals. So be it, Greenville came back but only to take second and Skidegate coming out on top with 4 games all being undefeated putting them into top seat. We will be sure to see these guys put a good challenge out in the February All Native Tournament.