Another raccoon attack in Charlotte

  • Nov. 15, 2004 5:00 p.m.

Small dogs beware – there have been at least two incidents lately in the Queen Charlotte area involving seemingly insane raccoon attacks.
Just last week, a crazed raccoon made its way into a Queen Charlotte residence, attacked a dog and polished off some cat food before it got locked up in the basement. And as we reported in September, Sherry Jensen’s puppy Princess Dupchew was mauled.
“It came through the cat door,” said Michelle Leslie of the most recent episode, and started snacking on the cats’ food, making the cats flee upstairs in terror. Ms Leslie said that her husband Paul Leslie heard some barking and growling in the morning, and came out (wearing a towel) to investigate, and found that their small dog was being chased up the stairs to the second storey by the raccoon (which was, according to Ms Leslie, even larger than the thirty pound dog). The pair was fighting on the landing when her husband booted it down the stairs into the basement and locked the door. The raccoon escaped back outside on its own accord.
The dog suffered a hole in his tail and a bite on the foot, but is apparently recovering fine with some antibiotics.
“I thought it would be scared,” she said, amazed that the raccoon didn’t run away. It had a “horrible stink,” she said, which led a conservation officer later to believe that the raccoon was diseased.
“And apparently this was not the only episode,” she said, referring to the Sherry Jensen incident. “We read about that,” said Ms Leslie, but didn’t really believe it until her own raccoon encounter.