Apology interrupts Sandspit all-candidates meeting

  • Nov. 16, 2005 1:00 p.m.

A public apology to two alleged illegal aliens was offered during the all-candidates meeting in Sandspit last week.
Moresby Island Management Committee incumbent Gord Usher apologized to the community for comments made at a Moresby Island Stability Initiative meeting.
“Information was brought forth at a public meeting that embarrassed MISI members, so I felt it important to apologize at another public meeting,” he said.
At the May 30 meeting, a motion to amend the MISI organization document was moved by Mr. Usher and seconded by Carol Wagner.
The members wanted to change the document so that only legal residents could be part of the sub-committee. This was due to information that two members were allegedly illegal residents.
Mr. Usher would not say later what information had come out at the meeting to prove this, but he apologized nevertheless.
“I regret the information was ever divulged,” he said.
At the all-candidates meeting, Ms Wagner told people her beliefs haven’t changed. She thinks people who serve on committees should be able to vote in BC.
As the MIMC representative on the committee, he felt it was his role to pull MISI back on track. Two different sectors were working in different directions on a committee, he said, was formed to look into a community forest. Some people wanted to talk about islands governance, the protocol agreement and a university at Skidegate Lake and there were five people on the committee who weren’t Canadian citizens.
The motion to amend the organization document was withdrawn at the spring meeting, when consensus could not be reached.
Chair Gail Henry noted that MIMC was working on a new committee policy. All sub-committees of MIMC will be ad-hoc, which removes any need for citizenship. The policy change received first reading at MIMC on November 9.
“Everyone in the community deserves to be represented,” she said.