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Applause at meeting for stand on Enbridge

Community leaders gave themselves a round of applause at the June 24 protocol meeting in Queen Charlotte for reaching a unified stance against the Enbridge pipeline project.The final community to formally oppose the pipeline was Port Clements, which voted June 21 to oppose it, joining Old Massett, Masset, Skidegate, Sandspit, Queen Charlotte and Tow Hill Road.The leaders at the protocol meeting voted to send letters to premier Gordon Campbell and prime minister Stephen Harper explaining their united opposition to the pipeline and associated oil tanker traffic.Haida Nation president Guujaaw said all coastal First Nations are opposed to the project, and noted that the federal Liberals are now saying they would ban tanker traffic on the north coast."It's not going to be beat in the courts or in the hearing room, it will take politics," Guujaaw said.