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B.C. firefighter pleads guilty to voyeurism

A charge of voyeurism involves secretly observing or recording nudity in a private place
Kelowna fire truck. (File photo)

A Kelowna firefighter pled guilty to a single count of voyeurism in Vernon courts on March 9.

The ten-year employee of Kelowna’s fire department, Jason Stoodley, will be sentenced on April 19.

In the Criminal Code of Canada, voyeurism means that a person was secretly observed while nude, exposed or was surreptitiously recorded for sexual purposes. The definition includes electronic recordings and all instances where a person had a reasonable expectation of privacy.

The City of Kelowna 2021 Statement of Financial Information lists that Stoodley was paid $112,446 for working as a firefighter in 2021.

Stoodley was originally charged with making or publishing child pornography, and two counts of voyeurism on July 3.

His lawyer, Julian van der Walle, said that the pornography charge has been stayed and Stoodley will only be convicted for one count of voyeurism.

Van der Walle was otherwise unavailable for comment.

The details of the alleged incident are unknown at this time.

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