Batteries abandoned near Copper Bay

  • May. 9, 2003 9:00 a.m.

Conservation Officer Kristen Dunn is appealing for help to track down the owner of 15 industrial lead/acid batteries abandoned just north of Copper Bay on Moresby Island.
The RCMP told Ms Dunn about the batteries after they discovered them at the end of March. She says the batteries were dumped sometime last winter.
The batteries can last 20-40 years and these batteries look old, says Ms Dunn. She suspects they may come from a radio or telecommunications site that someone is refurbishing, or they might have been used as the back-up system for a boat. They are marked with the name Gould, but this is the name of the company that makes them and isn’t a reference to any person on the islands, she says.
If the owner is not discovered by summer, then conservation waste technicians will dispose of them safely at the taxpayers expense, says Ms Dunn.
Some of the batteries are broken and leaking. They’re not near a stream, and pose no immediate danger to fish habitat. However, Ms Dunn says “don’t touch them if you happen across them by accident.”
Anyone with information about the batteries can contact Ms Dunn at 1 800-663-9453.