Bear causes concerns in Port

  • Jul. 31, 2006 10:00 a.m.

Some Port Clements children are staying inside this week after a black bear was spotted roaming the rural subdivision area of Bayview Drive.
Nine-year-old Nickolas Hageman said he looked out a window last week after his dog started barking and scratching at the door, and saw the large bear ambling through his back yard.
The bear stopped, looked around, then kept walking slowly out of the yard, Nickolas said.
“It was scary,” he said on Monday (July 31). “We’re not going to go outside today.”
Neighbours have seen the bear out in his front yard, he said.
Debbie Delves was out walking with her daughter Jamie Sunday night when the bear came down a driveway and then stood in the middle of Bayview Drive right in front of them.
Ms Delves said she wasn’t too worried, but she and her daughter didn’t continue their walk. Instead, they went to a nearby house and called someone to come and pick them up.
The bear was not especially large but it wasn’t a cub either, she said.
Conservation officer James Hilgemann said people who see a bear should report it by calling his office at 559-8431, or the toll-free line at 1-877-952-7277.
“Let us know, we can offer advice,” he said.
He said although he hadn’t heard any bear reports from Port Clements, he wasn’t too surprised to hear a bear would be in that area because it is so close to the Yakoun River.
Just last month the conservation officers were called out to Sandspit, where five bears had been hanging out right in the middle of town.
Mr. Hilgemann said the conservation officers killed the largest bear, which he estimated was around 500 pounds, and the four others moved on out of town.