Bellis back as CHN V-P

  • Dec. 10, 2007 1:00 p.m.

Arnie Bellis was re-elected to another term as vice-president of the Council of the Haida Nation Saturday (Dec. 8), after defeating Bernard Kerrigan by a margin of 95 votes. Mr. Bellis received 363 votes and Mr. Kerrigan received 268, according to the official results released by the CHN Monday morning. Old Massett voters elected Robert (Pedro) Davis, Lawrence Jones, Beryl Parke and Cynthia Samuels as their regional representatives on the CHN board, with Wilson Brown as alternate. Mr. Jones received 215 votes, Mr. Davis 200, Ms Samuels 192, Ms Parke 174, and Mr. Brown 135. Also running in Old Massett were Robin Brown and Frank Collison. Skidegate voters elected Cindy Boyko, David Crosby, Ronald Williams and Richard Wilson as their reps, with Jason Alsop as alternate. Not quite as many people voted in Skidegate as in Old Massett, although there were many more candidates in Skidegate. Ms Boyko received 109 votes, Mr. Wilson 83, Mr. Crosby 72, Mr. Williams 71 and Mr. Alsop 66. Also running but not elected were Clayton Gladstone Jr., Earl Moody, Paul Pearson, Gary Russ, Lonnie Young and Robert Young. Elected as Prince Rupert regional representatives are Pansy Collison and Frank Parnell, with Bill White as alternate. In Vancouver, all three candidates will fill spots: Vince Collison and Lois Helmer-Rullin were elected, and Sandra Greene has been declared the alternate. Guujaaw, who has been president of the CHN since 1999, had already been acclaimed for another term.”There was a pretty enthusiastic bunch all round, Guujaaw said Monday, “I was glad to see that much interest and that much commitment to the cause”.Chief elections officer Charlotte Marks said there were a total of 641 votes cast, with 10 spoiled ballots, for a total of 631 votes.