Better boat launch needed, Charlotte resident says

  • Sep. 7, 2007 1:00 p.m.

By Heather Ramsay-Queen Charlotte council would like to know whether people are interested in improvements at the boat launch. Councillor Greg Martin said he was approached by a member of the public, Mike Newton, about the possibility of putting pilings or a floating dock in the water offshore from the boat ramp.”It’s so when people launch their boats they have a place to tie them up so they can put their vehicle away,” says Mr. Newton. If it’s sloppy out, a boat can be bouncing off the rocks by the time the boat owner gets back, he says. Mr. Newton says Queen Charlotte is falling behind the other communities. Masset has a good facility and Sandspit has a marina and another site, he says: “Consequently those communities are getting the tourist traffic.” Councillors discussed the matter at their Sept. 4 meeting. Concerns were raised about how many people would support this potential expense, how much it would cost and whether it was a priority for staff time. Councillor Eric Ross said the ramp was never intended as a boat launch, as it was originally built for airplane use. He says few planes use the site now, except the RCMP, but he worried that if pilings were in place these might impact an airplane’s ability to land there. He is also concerned about how much longer the black top will last on the ramp. Not to mention that a bumper-type barrier should be added because there is a steep drop off at the end of the ramp. Councillors said any feedback on the topic from the public should be sent to the village office. In other boat ramp news, council also placed an ad in the paper informing people that boat trailers could not be stored there and that they would be removed if not claimed. As for fish waste being left at the dock, Mr. Martin said he spoke with the conservation officers who told him that unless the waste was attracting bears or other problem animals there was nothing they could do. Councillors hope that people can be more respectful with their fish waste and ensure that it is left below the tide line.