Big slate for Skidegate band council election

  • Jan. 13, 2006 1:00 p.m.

Three candidates are running for chief councillor and 19 are running for councillor in the Skidegate Band Council elections, to be held Feb. 16.
The candidates for chief councillor are Rodney Scheck, Wayne Wilson and Willard Wilson.
Running for councillor are Remi Levesque, Godfrey Williams, Robert Mills, Richard Russ, Walker Brown, Irene Mills, Colin Richardson, Edward Russ, Theresa Cooper, Russell Gladstone, Ron Williams, Earl Moody, Kathy Pearson, Randy Tennant, James McGuire, Vicky Moody, Gary Russ Sr, Roy S. Jones and Trent Moraes.
There are five councillor positions to be filled, and one chief councillor.