Bill Richardson reads at weekend festival

  • Jul. 12, 2004 7:00 p.m.

CBC personality Bill Richardson was at the Edge of the World on the weekend, where he did a storytelling session with kids, as well as a reading from his new book.
The kids (and adults) in the audience were delighted with his rendition of “The Gingerbread Man,” followed by a feat of a tongue twister about pigs in a puddle.
“I used to be a children’s librarian,” he said, “it’s funny to dredge (these stories) up again.” Mr. Richardson says that he likes to work with kids. “They’re so sophisticated – but they still have that willingness to play.”
Although he has lived in Vancouver for 25 years, this was his first trip to the islands. “It’s so beautiful here,” he said on Saturday, “but it’s not a surprising kind of beauty. You hear such great things about this place.”
He said he regretted not having more time to explore the islands, because he had to get back to Vancouver to work on his new show, called ‘Bunny Watson.’ The show will be on the air on Saturday mornings at 10.
“It will be a show about free association,” he said, “it moves through different media, books, moviesÂ… For example, comparing Clyde Barrow to Gertrude Stein because they both loved Ford automobiles.”
And as for Richarson’s Roundup? It will continue, he said, but sans Richardson. “I’ve been doing it for seven years,” he said, “it’s time to move on.”