Black bear trapped in Tlell

  • May. 9, 2007 7:00 a.m.

Conservation officers destroyed a young male black bear last week which they believe was responsible for killing two goats in Tlell.
Conservation officer Mike Newton said he set traps for the bear last Wednesday (May 2) after people living in the Geikie Creek area of Tlell reported several sightings of an aggressive bear. The bear killed two goats, was seen near other livestock, and was not afraid of dogs.
Mr. Newton said he found a bear in one of the traps the next day, May 3. The bear was young, approximately 300 pounds and very healthy, he said.
“He was going to be a really big bear,” he said. “He was the picture of health.”
Mr. Newton said he was pretty confident the trapped bear was the same one that had killed the goats, as it was found just 60 metres away from the goat pen.