Blockade goes up on Juskatla road

  • Mar. 21, 2005 4:00 p.m.

A blockade went up at the 6K bridge on the road to Juskatla Monday afternoon around 1 pm.
Wally Cheer of Edwards and Associates in Juskatla said the area was busy with people setting up camp and putting the blockade in place.
Edwards and Associates, a contractor for Weyerhaeuser Co. Ltd., told its employees to stay home today and for the next several days, Mr. Cheer said.
“We’ve told everybody to stay home until something’s resolved, we don’t want any conflicts,” he said. “We don’t want tempers to flare.”
Jana McLeod of Masset said she visited the camp area this afternoon and was planning to return Tuesday morning. She said there were lots of people there, students are filming an anti-racism documentary and there were rumours that off-island media, including TV, were on their way to the site.
The blockaders have several complaints, including a continued unsustainable rate of logging on the islands, the province’s decision to continue issuing cutting permits while the land use plan is negotiated, and the province’s refusal to consult the Haida Nation over the pending sale of Weyerhaeuser to Brascan.